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Jokers Of The Scene “Baggy Bottom Boys

Found this song on the first episode of Skins, how great is this song.  Also, sorry for not posting lately Senior activities and to-do’s have just been overwhelming to say the least.


So I looked up Karl Lagerfeld because some of my friends have said that he is very handy with video cameras!  So I look him up on Youtube and find these videos from Coco Chanel Cruise’s and I looked at 2011’s!  OMG Karl you not only are you very talented, but you have the most amazing taste in music.  I love that song that comes on the first video Good Lovin’ by Faze Action! Totally awesome…not to mention the clothes in the videos, I mean kuddos to you Mr. Lagerfeld!  I want to work for Chanel one day in my life or have something to do with them…maybe a show?  To tell you the truth Chanel should have a Menswear line, I saw some of the previous Cruise clothes presented and in some of the shows some guy models come out with really nice clothes I feel that are designed by Coco Chanel.  I can truly say that I like Lagerfeld’s skills with the camera and taste of music.

Thats all for now fashionista’s!


People constantly make the mistake of comparing London with New York, Milan and Paris and that’s not what it’s about. London has its own fashion identity. You come to London to find the next Alexander McQueen or John Galliano.

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour Front Row Seat at Donna Karan Collection Fashion Show

David Gandy!

Born in 1980, David Gandy was at university studying marketing when his housemate suggested he entered a modelling competition on ITV’s This Morning. He thought they were joking - but they entered it for him behind his back and he went on to win, bagging himself a contract with Select Models.

He want to promote great dressing for men that, he says, “shouldn’t be difficult”. “Men are still quite scared of the connotations of looking gay, even in 2010,” he says. “But dressing well can be easy. You don’t have to buy a suit from the most expensive labels - you can pick one up from Zara or Marks & Spencer and for an extra $30 or $50 you could have it tailored to fit you perfectly - and nothing really looks better than a tailored suit. And because we’re limited to jeans, T-shirts and suits, it’s important to be confident with accessories to look good.”

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I WOULD EAT THESE IN A HEART-BEAT!  :D  No, not really, I don’t like pastries like that.  Actually, not at all! Maybe my triple-chocolate cake but just because it looks really fancy and fashionable!  Don’t ask how a cake can be fashionable because it can be if you try just hard enough! ;)

I have to clean my room, ugh!  Have to clean it one more time so that in 10 days when I get my new issue of Vogue I will have to rearrange everything AGAIN so I can fit more pictures on my walls and shelf’s! LOL

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Orange for Spring 2011? :)

(Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011)

How is orange for you?  With Spring right around the corner, what will you wear?  How will you exhibit yourself, and give your prospective about this year’s orange trend’s? Also, stripes have always been essential of any given spring season, but it seems that this year — stripes will be the essential focal point of many outfits!

4 Main Points to look at when you are getting ready to compose your outfits for Spring 2011:

  • 70’s Glamour
    Remember the waist-high pants, and the flowing bohemian’s?  When it comes down to it remember dresses that fall like shimmering water. It is all about the waist so ladies that means belts, which you can pair up or combine them two to three at a time.  This can turn a simple white boyfriend shirt with a flowing skirt into an outfit to remember and to impress. Also, lace clothing as less allover, but with more unique takes, think of it as not an accessory but as the piece itself like lace skirts and dresses.  The idea behind the lace is to be romantic but not over-girly and to be sensual but not over-suggestive!

(Elie Tahari Autumn Fall 2010)

  • Biker Clothing
    From Military 2000-2010 to Biker 2010-???? to when?  A century with Biker clothing and accesories?  In my opinion Biker can only be stretched out so long, and then it will diminish into accessories only.  It’s been good having you military, but it is now to move on and let that trend living in your shadow shine!  It’s all about the coat now!  Bring it on!  We can already hear those biker motors raving and roaring!

(Leather skirt with bike chic detailing from Burberry)

  • Punk Fashion
    This essential would be carried over from last year, this year’s Punk Fashion will not be the focal point, but an element or an influence to your look.  Having said that the Punk look is something you can’t afford to get wrong or to get confused on in the morning.  The zippers, the pins, the safety pins, all contribute to the look, but don’t wear it as your main ‘course’ wear it as a side ‘dish’!  Have the influence be on the shirt or the coat, but never both like we saw last year!  Take the example below, from Balmain Spring/Summer 2011, you can see the safety pins on the shirt, and the zippers on the pants which looks great!  Notice that the coat softens the look; furthermore, the heels make it again look softer and more feminine.

(Balmain SS11)

  • The 60’s Ladylike
    The Hour-Glass design?  Remember the feminine lady-like curves and silhouettes of the 50’s and 60’s, well there back and with a strong return.  For Spring 2011, the 60’s means fresh colours, such as orange, prints and light summery fabrics.

(Modern take on the full skirt at Dries van Noten, A/W 2010)

As Spring 2011 approaches be sure to get your closet ready for some major changes and reforms; likewise, lets leave military in the previous decade and in with Biker.  Out with the old, in with the new right?!  What are you going to do?  How are you going to wear all these new possibilities of dress?  How will you impress us and the world?  Come up with a great idea for an outfit including some or all of Spring 11’s elements mentioned, and share it with us here on Fashion-Boy.tumblr.com!

Happy Season,


‎Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only; fashion is something in the air. It’s the wind that blows in the new fashion; you feel it coming, you smell it…in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Coco Chanel